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Countering throwaway culture in consumer electronics

The need to reduce waste and its impact on the planet has never been more topical on a global scale, yet throwaway culture is ingrained across society. Linn is - as it always has been - leading the longevity charge in consumer electronics.

By Gilad Tiefenbrun Read More…
Vinyl and streaming

Vinyl and Streaming are the perfect pair

On paper, they couldn’t be more different: music is either unashamedly analogue or defiantly digital. But the two different technologies have much more in common than you might think.

By Gilad Tiefenbrun
Selekt DSM

Selekt DSM: Hi-fi with the human touch

Remember when music was something you could touch? Digital music has revolutionised the way we listen, but something has been lost along the way. Selekt DSM brings the good times back. It’s a tactile and beautiful musical experience. And it’ll make you fall in love with music all over again.

By Gilad Tiefenbrun
Linn LP12 Record Player with Fluted Plinth

Urika II! Linn just made vinyl even better

Sometimes we imagine ourselves as the Indiana Jones of audio, uncovering musical treasure that others thought was lost forever. With our latest Sondek LP12 upgrades, we’ve used cutting edge technology in our quest to reach our Holy Grail. Weve made vinyl sound even better.

By Gilad Tiefenbrun
Drummer playing jazz

The Upgrades That Improve Everything

At Linn we’re obsessed with reproducing music as faithfully as possible. We already design and make the world’s best audio systems right here in Scotland. And now, we’ve spent £1.1 million to make the best even better.

By Gilad Tiefenbrun
Close up of Linn electronic circuits

No more off-the-shelf: Why we bespoke our DAC to the extreme

Simply plugging in other people’s technology just won’t cut it. High-end audio performance demands engineering that goes way beyond identikit solutions.

By Gilad Tiefenbrun
Drummer playing jazz

What makes music magic? It’s all about the timing.

Have you ever wondered what makes music magic? I have. I’ve wondered why great songs can have such different effects, so a version played by one artist sends shivers up my spine while the same song performed identically by somebody else leaves me unmoved.

By Gilad Tiefenbrun
Woman struggles to find a CD, in room full of tall CD storage racks.

Ding dong, the disc is dead. Why CD shouldn’t live forever.

There’s one audio format that just keeps on going because it doesn’t know it’s dead. It’s time our good old friend the Compact Disc breathed its last.

By Gilad Tiefenbrun
DACs and a tangle of wires

DAC or Network Music Player: Which is best for home audio?

Converting data into an analogue signal is the name of the game for digital music systems. So plugging in a dedicated audiophile DAC can only improve things right? Hold your horses. Here’s why you should be considering a Network Music Player instead.

By Gilad Tiefenbrun
Close-up of microphone

Want room correction for your music system? Drop the mic.

Tech that removes the effects of your room from the sound of your music system is de rigueur at the moment, and rightly so. Avoid environmental influence and you’re on the road to a better experience. But solutions that use a microphone to measure and adjust are far from delivering on what they promise. Here’s why we dropped the mic.

By Gilad Tiefenbrun
Recording studio and MQA logo

MQA is Bad For Music. Here's Why.

A new audio format which allows internet streaming of music at studio quality, seemingly free from copy-protection nasties, and with a clear way for you to know you have bought the real-deal. Seems like the perfect solution, right? Not so fast.

By Jim Collinson
Klimax DSM Network Music Player

How It’s Made: The Klimax DSM

Ever wondered what goes into making the world’s best streamer? Take a sneak peek inside our Glasgow factory, where every Linn product is designed and manufactured.

By Craig Black
Alisdair Hogarth

Video: Getting Closer to the Music

In the first of a three-part video mini-series, Linn Records pianist Alisdair Hogarth asks: what makes classical music so special?

By Alisdair Hogarth

Video: Classical Underdogs: Rachmaninoff

Award-winning Linn Records pianist, Al Hogarth, tells us the story behind Rachmaninoff’s classical underdog: Liebeslied.

By Alisdair Hogarth
Chopin Portrait

Video: Classical Underdogs: Chopin

Alisdair recounts the story of Chopin’s Minute Waltz before playing a tackling it himself.

By Alisdair Hogarth