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Exaktbox: the ultimate upgrade

Upgrade your system with Exakt technology, and hear each note, and all the harmonics, played perfectly in time, revealing the natural sound of every instrument.

While Linn's integrated speakers have amps and Exakt technology built-in, an Exaktbox, together with additional amplification, allows you to upgrade to Exakt while keeping your current speakers.

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Majik Exaktbox-I

Upgrade an existing product

We're driven to continuously improve our products and wherever possible make these improvements available to current owners, even if that means fitting new parts back at the factory.

Aktiv Upgrades

Linn Aktiv Cards

Going Aktiv

Upgrading your Linn speakers to Aktiv is a great way to improve performance and also provides a significant step on the way to the ultimate upgrade of Exakt.

Aktiv crossover cards fit inside Linn amplifiers and split the signal before it's amplified, feeding a dedicated channel of amplification for each drive unit and bypassing the passive crossover inside your speakers.

This significantly reduces the noise and distortion associated with passive crossovers and also unlocks further upgrade possibilities - with your speakers Aktiv, you have all the amps needed to go to the next level using an Exaktbox.

Power Supplies

Dynamik Power

Linn Dynamik is the latest evolution of Linn's unique Switch Mode Power Supply technology and has been powering most Linn products across the range since 2009 — look out for 'Powered by Linn Dynamik' on the base.

However, if you own an older compatible product, you can upgrade the power supply with a Dynamik upgrade module that is quite simply one of the best value upgrades available - and one of our most popular.

Linn pioneered the use of Switch Mode Power Supplies for high-end audio, developing our own audio-optimised power supply technology to generate stable, low noise power rails for the audio circuitry in a compact, cool-running package.

Dynamik is the latest evolution of this technology, with higher mains noise isolation, more power and faster response than ever before, clearly outperforming bulky and noisy conventional power supplies.

HDMI Upgrade

Add HDMI 2.0 compatibility

Compatibility with HDMI 2.0 was added in September 2016*, handling UHD (4K) and HDR video pass-through for compatibility with ultra-high definition video sources and displays. This specification is also compatible with HDCP 2.2 encryption, ARC (audio return channel) and CEC (consumer electronics control).

You can add HDMI 2.0 to your current DSM player with this simple upgrade, fitted by your local Linn Specialist.

*Introduced to Selekt DSM in April 2019

Surround Processing

Add Surround Sound Processing capability (up to 7.1 channels)

A Surround Sound Processing upgrade for Linn DSM (selected models) was introduced in January 2019*, providing on-board processing of up to 7.1 channels of Dolby and DTS audio** in a Surround Sound system with any passive speakers (any brand) or Linn Integrated Exakt speakers.

A simple, high performance one-box 5.1 Surround solution can be achieved by upgrading Selekt DSM to Selekt DSM Surround with Integrated Power Amps – just add speakers.

You can add Surround Sound Processing capability to your current Linn DSM player with this simple upgrade***, fitted by your local Linn Specialist.

* Introduced to Selekt DSM in April 2019 ** Supported formats: DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, DTS 96/24, DTS, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, PCM *** Requires the Linn DSM player to have Exakt Links, HDMI 2.0 board and be running Davaar 68 firmware or higher. If using passive speakers, an Exaktbox is also required (one output per speaker).