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Great sound shouldn’t cramp your style. Design your home the way you want to and experience the true sound of the music.

Hear your music, not your room

Every room has its own particular sound. When you’re investing in a world-class music system, why let your room have such a big say in what you hear? Remove the unwanted distorting effects of your listening environment and reveal the true sound of the music.

Space Optimisation uses sophisticated acoustic modelling to build up a complete picture of how your speakers, their placement, and the unique characteristics of your room interact to affect the sound you hear. It then precisely identifies frequencies that are artificially distorted by your environment, and reduces their energy, to reveal the music that would otherwise be hidden.

Whatever speakers you use, and however you’ve designed your room, you’ll hear a performance that’s optimised uniquely for you.

Optimised for your chosen speakers

Your speakers play a key role in determining the behaviour of sound in your room. Because every speaker design is different, the sound from your particular speakers has a unique set of interactions with your surroundings.

Space Optimisation models these interactions by taking account of the characteristics of your speakers, such as the position of each drive unit and the response of bass reflex ports.

Combining this information with the modelling of your room’s acoustics enables Space Optimisation to optimise the sound uniquely for your chosen speakers.

Place your speakers where you want them

The interactions between your speakers and the boundaries of your room can dramatically distort the sound that you hear. For example, placing a speaker near to a wall will add energy to particular low frequencies, masking other areas of the music.

Until now, there has been a choice: place your speakers in the ideal location for sound, or choose a more practical location that compromises sound quality.

Ideal speaker placement for sound

Impractical for you and your family

Space Optimisation is able to recreate the sound of the ideal location, from your preferred, practical location to give you the best of both worlds. Now you can place your speakers exactly where you want them and still enjoy great performance.

Speaker placement with Space Optimisation

Great sound from a more practical location

Optimised for your custom environment

The characteristics of your room affect the sound you hear. Sound waves reflecting off your walls, ceiling and floor create peaks of increased energy at specific frequencies. Construction materials, furnishings and features like doors and windows, also affect how much energy is reflected, and the length of time it takes to decay.

Space Optimisation allows your Linn Specialist to identify the precise frequencies affected and reduce their energy by just the right amount, removing the distorting effect of your room to reveal the true sound of the music.

Design your home the way you want to and enjoy a performance that’s optimised for you.

Space Optimisation+

Linn's Exakt systems deliver an enhanced version of this technology: Space Optimisation+

Exakt incorporates the measured response of every individual drive unit. It enables even more advanced speaker modelling that’s specific, not just to the model of speaker, but to the unique pair of speakers in your home.

This advanced approach to speaker modelling means Space Optimisation+ can apply a far greater level of precision when optimising the sound, personalised for your particular speakers.

Hear it for yourself

Try a Linn system with Space Optimisation at your nearest Linn Specialist.

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Speakers measured for Space Optimisation

We’ve measured the characteristics of hundreds of speakers so you can get the most from Space Optimisation, whatever speakers you own.

However, even if your speakers aren’t listed below, you can still enjoy the benefits of Space Optimisation’s environment and speaker placement optimisation based on their location in your room.

The following speakers have been measured for Space Optimisation:

Acoustic Energy 301
Acoustic Energy AE309
Acoustic Energy Reference 1 MKIII
Acoustic Research AR-9
Annerstedt-Hegge Akustik A1 Micro
Annerstedt-Hegge Akustik A2
Ascendo C7
Ascendo C8-C
ATC HTS11 Portrait
ATC SCM150SL Passive
Atohm GT1-DV
Audio GE Sincerus 80
Audio Physic Avantera Plus
Audio Physic Classic 10
Audio Physic Classic 20 s1
Audio Physic Classic 20 s2
Audio Physic Classic 30
Audiodata Petite
Audiovector SR1 Signature
Audiovector SR3 Avantgarde Arrete
Audiovector SR3 Signature
Audiovector SR3 Super
Audium Comp 3
Audium Comp 5
Aurum Megan VIII
Aurum Orkan VIII
Aurum Titan VIII
Aurum Vulkan VIII
Aurum Wotan VIII
Avantgarde Duo Mezzo
Avantgarde Uno Fino
Avantgarde Zero 1
B&W 683 S2
B&W 684 S2
B&W 685 S2
B&W 686 S2
B&W 702 S2
B&W 703 S2
B&W 706 S2
B&W 707 S2
B&W 800 D3
B&W 800 Diamond
B&W 802 D3
B&W 802 Diamond*
B&W 803 D3
B&W 803 Diamond
B&W 803 S
B&W 804 D3
B&W 804 Diamond
B&W 805 D3
B&W 805 Diamond
B&W CCM382
B&W CM1 S2
B&W CM10 S1
B&W CM10 S2
B&W CM5 S2
B&W CM6 S2
B&W CM8 S2
B&W CWM8.3 D Landscape Bunged
B&W CWM8.3 D Landscape Ported
B&W CWM8.3 D Portrait Bunged
B&W CWM8.3 D Portrait Ported
B&W CM9 S1
B&W CM9 S2
B&W CWM7.4
B&W Matrix 1
B&W Matrix 802 series 3
B&W Nautilus*
B&W Nautilus 802
B&W Signature Diamond
Bang & Olufsen Beolab 17
Bang & Olufsen Beolab 18
Bang & Olufsen Beolab 20
Bang & Olufsen Beolab 50
BK Electronics Monolith Plus DF
Blumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS3 Mk2
Boenicke W5
Boenicke W5 SE
Boenicke W8
Boston M25
Boston M250
Boston RS 326
Box Speaker Box 10
Box SpeakerBox 5
Cabasse Murano Alto
Canton Chrono SL 590.2 DC
Canton Vento 890.2 DC
Cornered Audio C4 (Landscape)
Cornered Audio C4 (Portrait)
Cornered Audio C5 (Landscape)
Cornered Audio C5 (Portrait)
Dali Epicon 2
Dali Epicon 8
Dali Helicon 800 MK2
Dali Ikon 1 MK2
Dali Ikon 2 MK2
Dali Lektor 8
Dali Rubicon 5
Dali Rubicon 6
Dali Zensor 1
Dali Zensor 3
Dali Zensor 5
Dali Zensor 7
Davone Twist
Definitive Technology Demand D7
Duevel Planets
Devore Fidelity Gibbon X
Dynaudio Contour S 1.4
Dynaudio Evoke 20
Dynaudio Evoke 30
Dynaudio Excite X14
Dynaudio Excite X34
Dynaudio Excite X38
Dynaudio Focus 110
Dynaudio Focus 160
Dynaudio Focus 260
Dynaudio Special 40
Eclipse TD510zMK2
Eclipse TD712zMK2
Eclipse TD725SW Mk2
Elac BS 244
Elac Carina BS 243.4
Elac Carina FS 247.4
Elac FS 249.2
Elac FS 407
Elac FS 507 VX-JET
Elac FS 509 VX-JET
Elac Vela FS407
Elac Vela BS 403
Epos Elan 30
Epos Encore 50
Epos K1
Epos K2
Epos K3
Fischer & Fischer SNSL 170
Fischer & Fischer SNSL 450
Fischer & Fischer SNSL 570
Focal Aria 906
Focal Aria 926
Focal Aria 936
Focal Aria 948
Focal Chorus 706
Focal Chorus 716
Focal Chorus 726
Focal Chorus 836 V
Focal Electra 1008 BE
Focal Electra 1028 BE
Focal Electra 1038 BE
Focal Kanta N1
Focal Kanta N2
Focal Scala Utopia Evo
Focal Sopra N2
Focal Sopra N3
Franco Serblin Accordo
Fyne Audio F500
Fyne Audio F501
Fyne Audio F502SP
Gauder Akustik Cassiano
Gauder Akustik DARC 60
Gauder Akustik Isophon Corvara
Gauder Akustik Vescova
Graham Audio LS5/8
Graham Audio LS5/9
Graham Audio LS5/9F

Guru Junior
Guru QM 10
Guru QM60
Hallworth TAJ A4
Hallworth Killer Keltik (OW2M15CH002)
Harbeth Monitor 30.1
Harbeth Monitor 40.1
Harbeth P3ESR
Harbeth Silver Anniversary 30.2
Harbeth Super HL5
Harbeth Super HL5 plus
Heybrook HB3 Mk 1
Hifi Team Kolibri 25th Anniversary
JBL 4429
JBL Everest DD65000
JBL Everest DD67000
JBL Paragon D 44000 WX
JBL S3900
KEF Blade
KEF Blade Two
KEF Q300
KEF Q500
KEF Q700
KEF R500
KEF R700
KEF R900
KEF Reference 1
KEF Reference 3
KEF Reference 5
Klangedang Dingle
Klangedang T1
Klangwerk Phil
Klipsch Heresy III
Klipsch Ikon WF 35
Klipsch Klipschorn
Klipsch RB61 II
Kudos C1
Kudos C10
Kudos C2
Kudos C20
Kudos C30
Kudos Super 10*
Kudos Super 20*
Kudos Titan 505
Kudos Titan 606
Kudos Titan 707
Kudos Titan 808*
Kudos Titan 88
Kudos X2
Kudos X3
Linn 520
Linn 530
Linn Akubarik
Linn Akubarik Passive*
Linn Akudorik Passive*
Linn Akurate 212*
Linn Akurate 242*
Linn Artikulat 320 Passive*
Linn Artikulat 320A
Linn Artikulat 350 Passive*
Linn Artikulat 350A
Linn AV5110
Linn AV5140*
Linn Espek*
Linn Exakt Akubarik*
Linn Exakt Akudorik*
Linn Kaber*
Linn Katan*
Linn Keilidh*
Linn Keltik*
Linn Kiko
Linn Klimax 320 Passive
Linn Klimax 320A
Linn Klimax 350 Passive*
Linn Klimax 350A
Linn Klimax Exakt 350*
Linn Komponent 104
Linn Komponent 106
Linn Komponent 110
Linn Komri*
Linn Majik 109*
Linn Majik 112
Linn Majik 140*
Linn Majik Isobarik*
Linn Nexus
Linn Ninka*
Linn Sara
Linn Sekrit IW10
Linn Tukan
Linn Unik
LUA Con Affetto
Magico Q5
Magico Q7
Magico S1
Magico S5
Manger MSMC1
Manger MSSp1
Manger P2
Martin Logan Clarity
Martin Logan Motion 15
Martin Logan motion 20
Martin Logan Motion 35XT
Martin Logan Motion 40
Martin Logan Motion 60XT
MBL 116F Elegance Radialstrahler
Mission 750 Limited Edition
Mission 771e
Mission 773e
Mission 77C1 Landscape
Mission 77C1 Portrait
Mission 772e
Mission 780 Standmount (1997 to 2002)
Mission 781 Aerogel (1999 to 2004)
Mission 782 Floorstander 1999 to 2004
Mission 782 Floorstander 1999 to 2004 Right Hand Left port
Mission 782 Floorstander 1999 to 2004 Left Hand Right port
Mission 782 78CSE Aerogel Landscape (1999 to 2004)
Mission 783 Aerogel Floorstander 1999 to 2004
Mission 790
Monitor Audio Bronze BX1
Monitor Audio Bronze BX2
Monitor Audio Bronze BX5
Monitor Audio Gold 100
Monitor Audio Gold 200
Monitor Audio Gold 300
Monitor Audio Gold 50
Monitor Audio Platinum PL100
Monitor Audio Platinum PL200
Monitor Audio Platinum PL300
Monitor Audio Radius 270
Monitor Audio Silver 1
Monitor Audio Silver 10
Monitor Audio Silver 2
Monitor Audio Silver 200
Monitor Audio Silver 50
Monitor Audio Silver 6
Monitor Audio Silver 8
Monitor Audio Studio
NAD 8200
Naim Ovator S-400
Naim Ovator S-600
Naim SBL
Naim SL2
Neat Iota
Neat Iota Xplorer
Neat Momentum 3i
Neat Momentum 4i
Neat Momentum SX5i
Neat Motive SE2
Neat Motive SX1
Neat Motive SX2
Neat Motive SX3
Neat Ultimatum XLS

Odeon Tosca S
Paradigm MiniMonitor S7
Piega C2 Ltd
Piega Classic 60.2
Piega Coax 30.2
Piega Coax 90.2
Piega Coax 311
Piega MasterONE
Piega Premium 3.2
Piega Premium 301
Piega Premium 5.2
Piega Premium 501
Piega Premium 701
Piega TMicro 4
Piega TMicro 6
Polk Audio RT3
PMC Twenty-21
PMC Twenty-22
PMC Twenty-23
PMC Twenty-24
PMC Twenty-26*
PMC Twenty.C
ProAc D18
ProAc D20R
ProAc D30R
ProAc Response D1
ProAc Response D2
ProAc Response D48
ProAc Response DB1
ProAc Response DT8
ProAc Studio 118
ProAc Tablette Anniversary
Q Acoustics 2010i
Q Acoustics 2020i
Q Acoustics 2050i
Q Acoustics 3010
Q Acoustics 3010i
Q Acoustics 3020
Q Acoustics 3020i
Q Acoustics 3050
Q Acoustics 3050i
Q Acoustics Concept 20
Q Acoustics Concept 40
Q Acoustics Concept 500
Quadral Platinum M20
Quadral Platinum M40
Rega RS3
Revel F206
Revel M105
Revel Performa3 F208
Revel Performa F228BE
Rogers LS 35A
Rolf Sigrist Thorus
RussellK RED100
RussellK RED 120
Serham and Swift Brigadier Mu2
Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario Palladio
Sonus Faber Amati Futura
Sonus Faber Amati Tradition
Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution
Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage
Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento
Sonus Faber Lilium
Sonus Faber Minima Vintage
Sonus Faber Olympica I
Sonus Faber Olympica II
Sonus Faber Olympica III
Sonus Faber Toy Tower
Sonus Faber Venere 2.0
Sonus Faber Venere 2.5
Sonus Faber Venere 3.0
Spendor A3
Spendor A5r
Spendor A6r
Spendor A7
Spendor Classic 2/3
Spendor Classic 3/1
Spendor D1
Spendor D7
Spendor S3/5R
Swiss HD Solo 3
Swiss HD Solo 5
System Fidelity SF31
System Fidelity SF5010
T+A Criterion TCD 210 S
T+A Criterion TCD 310S
T+A Criterion TCD 410R
T+A KS 350
T+A ST 20
T+A Lignum LGR 10
Tannoy Canterbury GR
Tannoy Canterbury SE
Tannoy Kensington GR
Tannoy Mercury M3
Tannoy Mercury V4
Tannoy Precision 6.4
Tannoy Revolution DC4T
Tannoy Revolution DC6T
Tannoy Revolution XT6F
Tannoy Sensys R
Tannoy Westminster Royal GR
Totem Arro
Totem Forest Signature
Totem Hawk
Totem KIN Mini
Totem Mite
Totem Model 1 Signature
Totem Sky Tower
Totem Tribe Tower
Triangle Altea Arpege
Triangle Antal 202
Triangle Color Bibliotheque
Triangle Color Colonne
Triangle Esprit Antal EZ
Triangle Esprit Gaia EZ
Triangle Esprit Titus EZ
Triangle Genese Quartet
Triangle Plaisir TEB17 Zeta
Triangle Signature Delta
Triangle Titus ES
Van Buren Sylva
Vienna Acoustics Bach
Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand
Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Concert Grand Symphony Edition
Vienna Acoustics Liszt
Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand Symphony Edition
Vivid V 1.5
Vivid B1
Vivid Kaya45
Von Schweikert VR-55 Aktive
Wharfedale 85th Anniversary Denton
Wharfedale 85th Anniversary Linton
Wilson Audio Alexia
Wilson Audio Maxx 3
Wilson Audio Sasha WP2
Wilson Audio Sophia 3
Wilson-Benesch A.C.T. C60
Wilson-Benesch Arc
Wilson-Benesch Discovery
Wilson-Benesch Endeavour
Wilson-Benesch Precision P1.0 Bookshelf
Wilson-Benesch Square Five
Wilson-Benesch Square Three
Wilson-Benesch Trinity
Wilson-Benesch Vector
Wilson-Benesch Vertex
Wisdom Audio L75
WLM Diva
XTZ Divine Alpha
XTZ Divine Alpha, both ports sealed
Yamaha NS-BP200
Zingali Client Name Evo 1.2

* SPACE Optimisation+ compatible

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